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Life outside the classroom has a huge impact on a child’s chance of success. To facilitate that success, we continuously work with both families and communities so they can in turn support a child’s education

Communities matter

Our work within communities is integral to what we do. We help parents set up their own businesses, giving them the support they need to thrive. Essential to any community is communication. We facilitate forums among children, teachers, parent-guardians and community members.

This promotes community awareness of key issues like child rights, child marriage, and the right to an education.

Supporting community spirit

Currently, half the population of Africa lives on less than US $1 a day. At Lessons for Life, with your help, we can make a difference. By improving the living standards of parents and guardians with income-generating initiatives, we’re able to help families increase their income which in turn can be used to support their children through school.

We believe these initiatives empower both parents and guardians with the necessary skills to help them improve their living standards and helps support and encourage a child’s attendance at school.

How goats are providing education

By helping familes to find better ways to generate income, the familes are better able to support their children in school. This is why we support income-generating activites.

Through our partner in Kenya: Catholic Diocese of Kitui (CDOK) we provided 126 familes with 352 goats. The families could then go on to earn money by selling the goats’ milk or by breeding them to sell their offspring. The Boniface Kithuva family’s goats have multiplied and this welcome revenue has enabled their two children to attend school.  

CDOK also reports an improvement in family income goes hand in hand with an improvement in health and wellbeing. 

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All children deserve an education. Our work gives children in Africa the support they need to be able to learn and develop.


Too many classrooms in Africa are not fit for purpose. By supporting teacher training and by ensuring schools are fit for purpose we’re able to allow teachers to do exactly what they do best: teach.