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Give Me A Future

With only 25% of children in Africa going on to secondary school, we focus on helping young people into careers that pay off through Give Me A Future.

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Supporting young people into employment

Young entrepreneurs

In some countries where we operate, there is enormous youth unemployment, with over 80% of young people not formally employed despite rapid economic growth. Crucially, that growth is being driven by small-scale entrepreneurship, which means there are opportunities for young people to gain financial security, just so long as they’re given the right support.

One key driver of financial independence for young people is the explosion in small businesses focused on hair and beauty treatments, auto repair, tailoring and hospitality. The skills necessary to access these opportunities are not being taught in African schools, and Lessons for Life aims to change that through our work on the ground.

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Ivan's story

Ivan’s father died from AIDS whilst he was still a young boy, and his relatives illegally seized the family’s property, leaving Ivan and his mother just a small piece of land. The family had to survive through subsistence farming but this barely sustained them. Ivan’s mother supported him through high school but could not afford further education, which is when Lessons for Life stepped in and sent him to Kyambogo University to study electrical engineering.

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Knowledge helping others

Ivan graduated in 2011 and since then has used his new trade in a programme providing electricity to rural communities. Ivan has risen to his new responsibilities and paid back by funding the education of local children and even planning to study for a degree so he can serve his country to the best of his ability.

Ivan’s story exemplifies the power of just one intervention, and shows that supporting one person’s education impacts their life, their family, their community and even in some cases their country.

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