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We help children like Richess complete their education

She is just one of thousands of children that Lessons for Life support in Africa

Richess, 14 was not attending school and instead was working in a market to support her family. That was until a local community group supported by Lessons for Life through our partner Uyisenga N' Manzi (UNM) helped her to return to school.

In this short video, she explains the difficulties she faced before going back into education and what it means to her to have the opportunity to finish her schooling. In Rwanda, four out of five children just like Richess fail to complete their schooling. Her personal journey brings to life the impact your support has on helping children like her complete their education across Africa.                                                                   

When I wasn't in school I would work in the market helping my mother from 5 in the morning until 10 in the evening. I used to be so jealous, but now coming to school has changed me."