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The Gala Dinner

15th November 2018

Join us at our gala dinner in The Artillery Gardens, London.

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The Annual Gala Dinner is a fun-filled night where we get to see and thank our supporters. In 2017 we celebrated the tenth annual Lessons for Life Gala Dinner in the spectacular setting of The Tower of London. Our amazing guests helped us raise close to £900,000 towards our work in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

We welcomed over 400 guests for a fantastic evening hosted by Mike Fries, President & CEO of Liberty Global, and our Co-Chairmen Andrea Salvato and Manuel Kohnstamm. The gala dinner was an excellent opportunity to gather our friends and supporters, including key stakeholders from Liberty Global as well as key members of the media, consultancy, banking and legal sectors.

The evening is a chance for our supporters to hear about the the impact their support has on the ground. 

Please contact us to secure your table for 2018 at this fantastic event on

Donnagene Damens

Financial manager at ShortsTV

In 2017 Donnagene Damens, shared with our supporters her inspirational story of growing up in South Africa during the Apartheid and how important education was to her and her family. 

"From a very young age, I looked around the community and saw the cycles of poverty… Young boys dropping out of school to start working and help put food on the table; young girls doing the same and falling pregnant and then having to drop out of school to support themselves and their families; the youth in my community being disenfranchised and angry with the circumstances they were born into and therefore dropping out of schools to join gangs or make easy money engaging in criminal activity….I wanted to be educated. I wanted to be skilled in order to have the best prospects and choice. For me it became very clear that the only way to not get swept up in any of those cycles, was to stay in school and focus on my education."

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