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At Lessons for Life, giving children an education is at the very forefront of everything we do.

Too many classrooms in Africa are not fit for purpose. By supporting teacher training and by ensuring schools have enough classrooms, latrines, water supplies and kitchens, we’re able to allow teachers to do exactly what they do best: teach. This offers the very best opportunity for children to learn once they are in the classroom.  

Creating a better environment

Good governance is a crucial factor of any school. We work tirelessly with parents and teachers to improve school governance. The work we do does not only promote school efficiency, it helps creates value amongst parents and guardians alike.

We believe that a better classroom environment makes it easier for children to learn and teachers to teach. Creating an environment that facilitates this vision is at the very centre of why we fund classroom and school improvement projects.

School Improvements

Too many schools and classrooms in Africa are not fit for purpose. Better classrooms make it easier to learn. In 2016, at two of the schools we support, we funded construction projects. A new classroom was built at Kasengejje Primary School and a classroom block at Nansana Primary School was renovated.

In both cases, the refurbishments provided a better learning enviroement for around 100 children. Children at Kasngejje explained why they like their new learning environment “We can pay attention better in class”, “We have enough space” and “Here, it is very beautiful!”

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All children deserve an education. Our work gives children in Africa the support they need to be able to learn and develop.


Life outside the classroom has a huge impact on a child’s chance of success. To facilitate that success, we continuously work with both families and communities so they can in turn support a child’s education.