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Send Me To School

We believe that education is everything. Send Me To School is our main area of work, getting children into school and learning.

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Education changes everything

Lessons for Life helps vulnerable kids to stay at school by paying for lunches, uniforms and materials. We also directly cover school fees, and focus on teacher training because we know how vital it is

that kids learn lessons for life once they’re in the classroom. To give kids every chance to thrive in their school life, we fund many refurbishment projects from classrooms to kitchens, libraries to lavatories.

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Case Study: The Kusasa Project

Lessons for Life has supported The Kusasa Project, an early learning centre in South Africa, since 2012. The project provides quality pre-school and foundation phase education to disadvantaged children in the Franschhoek Valley, and also enables talented secondary school learners to attend higher functioning secondary schools and receive after-school academic and life skills support.

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Supporting children in South Africa

Education and wellbeing

In 2015 alone, The Kusasa Project supported 152 students in their learning, from early years all the way through to university or college. Alongside their education, students were also given a range of ‘well-being’ services such as counselling, extra tuition, speech therapy, homework clubs and feeding programmes. Furthermore, Kusasa supports parents, and especially single mothers, to keep kids learning at home so education doesn’t stop at the school gates. 

'I shall cherish the beauty of education with my brothers and sisters in my motherland South Africa. My dream is to give back and offer my service as a doctor. I believe that one that promotes a child in education promotes a development of our economy.'

Papama, South African student.

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