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ShortsTV & Mark Chivers Photography support Lessons for Life

2nd March 2018

Oh how time flies – just over four months ago Lessons for Life got back from a story gathering trip with time and resources generously donated by ShortsTV. They sent their Head of Production Stephanie Charmail and Producer Maxwell Creed. We were also joined by independent photographer Mark Chivers. For the eagle-eyed amongst you, you will have seen some of this incredible content via our monthly newsletter and digital channels - Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

ShortsTV acquire live action, animation and documentary short movies from the world’s most famous film festivals and independent suppliers and broadcast them on the ShortsTV channel - the world’s first and only TV channel dedicated to short movies. They also produce original short film content for broadcasters and brands as well as their own channel.

We don’t think there would be anyone more qualified to create short films about the impact that Lessons for Life’s support is having…and from the content that has started to come out of the trip, we think you will agree. All the content will be housed on our student hub so take a look for yourselves.

Every child, family and community member we met was also stunningly portrayed in images by Mark Chivers. The images are fantastic and help bring to life what life is like in school for the young people we support in Africa. We can’t wait to share more of these throughout the year. 

Gathering stories on trips like these is a team effort. However, we could not do it without the support of our partners who have been working closely with children and their schools, often for many years. Our partner Child Aid Uganda (CHAU) were stunning hosts on this occasion – a pleasure to work with and gave a great insight of how well Lessons for Life funding is spent on the ground and the impact it has on the children, schools and communities we support. Because they have close relationships with the individuals we support, they made sure we had the opportunity to speak with a wide range of people we were supporting or had supported in the past that were keen to share their stories and experiences.  

Thank you for the excellent work on the videos so far. It is very inspiring! Everyone will be very happy to have had the chance to tell their story, hear their voices and see their pictures in action.”

Lauben Tushemereirwe, Executive Director - Child Aid Uganda (CHAU)

During the trip, we also had the opportunity to visit three schools that had worked with our teacher-training partner Redearth. It was great to see their participatory learning practices in action and we look forward to sharing stories from teachers who have benefitted from their training in due course.

The trip didn’t come without its challenges – it’s hard to forget the slightly lengthy period spent in Uganda customs to get essential filming equipment into the country, as well as the team pulling together and reworking the schedule (and learning new skills) as the cameraman was taken ill for a day and a half. However, all the problem solving and long days filming were worth it.

We were all honoured to have the chance to meet so many inspiring people and hear their stories of how they were helped or how they themselves have helped. We now have the privilege of telling them so you can understand the real impact of your support. Thanks again to everyone who made this possible. Remember, to be the first to see stories and short films from the trip, sign up to our monthly newsletter.

Photo credits: Mark Chivers 

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