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Do you believe education changes everything?

Lessons for Life funds education projects in Africa. Every child, no matter where they are born, has the right to an education that equips them for life. 

We believe that education changes everything.

Join us.

Helping Betty complete her education

Betty, 15 lost both her parents when she was young and lived with her elder brothers and sisters. As she lived in a child headed household they didn't have any source of income so was unable to attend school.

Lessons for Life through our partner Child Aid Uganda (CHAU) provided the money for her schools fees and materials so she could return to school.

Her personal journey brings to life the impact your support has.

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Pledge your support

In 10 years, Lessons for Life has helped close to 10,000 children directly access education. To mark this occasion, our target is to get 10,000 people to pledge their support to Lessons for Life’s aim to make access to quality education available to more children in Africa and beyond. We believe that education changes everything.

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