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Charitable expenditure

Internal costs: The majority of our charitable expenditure (£1.4m out of a total of £1.8m) goes directly to our partner organisations in Africa as grants. Our commitment to quality means that our finance and programmes staff remain in regular and close contact with our partners and undertake regular reviews including field visits. This work has the dual purpose of monitoring partners and helping build capacity within the local organisations that we are proud to support and help grow.  Detailed financial breakdowns are available in our annual review.

Grants to partners: In 2017 we maintained our spend levels and granted £1.4m to our partners in Africa. 

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Costs of raising funds

The proportion of our total expenditure that was spent on raising funds increased from 46% in 2016 to 52% in 2017 as we invested to maintain and improve supporter experience at our key fundraising events. 

The London Gala Dinner continues to be a solid fundraiser for Lessons for Life and saw a strong return of over £3.50 per £1 invested in the event. The margin remained fairly steady despite the uncertain economic landscape. Our principal investment was to refresh the Big Ride for Africa with a new format to create a step-up in participation that would ensure the long-term future of the event. 


These personal journeys brings to life the impact your support has on helping boys and girls complete their education across Africa.