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Lessons for Life Foundation and Street Child become one

24th July 2019

Lessons for Life are excited to announce that they will be coming together with Street Child in the fight to give every child the chance of an education. Both charities have been working over the last decade in the area of helping children to gain access to education in some of the most challenging areas in the world. The ethos of both charities are strongly aligned and will create a stronger entity, able to reach more children faster.

Over the last few months the Board of Lessons for Life has been looking at ways to reach more children in more countries as quickly as possible. Every day a child isn’t in school they risk early marriage, child labour, crime and a life of poverty. It became apparent that merging with a charity with the same goals and ethos was the most expeditious route.

The two charities combined will be working in 11 countries in both rural and urban areas. Each country, local area, community and school have their own challenges. We believe that the new combined experience, passion and resource of the two charities will allow us to meet these challenges and move towards sustainable programmes to help children, families and communities out of poverty for good and into education.

Lessons for Life will become a subsidiary of Street Child with Lessons for Life Chairman, Andrea Salvato joining current Street Child Chairman Anthony Wallersteiner as Co-Chairs of the new Street Child. The new board of directors will be made up of members from both current boards. Tom Dannatt, current CEO of Street Child will lead the new entity and HRH The Duchess of York will continue as Founder Patron.

Street Child has also been working since 2008 towards the same goal, a world in which all children have the chance of an education. It is the sad truth that over 100million children worldwide do not have the opportunity to access education because of circumstances beyond their control. Both Street Child and Lessons for Life work with local partners, communities and schools to achieve their mission of giving children access to education.